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Irish Coffee Cocktail Competition Champion

The idea was to highlight the notes of a great, natural Ethiopian coffee. Really what I wanted to do was highlight the berry notes, the stone fruit notes and fill in those comforting, sweet notes, as well.
— Tait Forman

Irish Coffee Cocktail Recipe

  • Based with raspberry syrup

  • Powers Whiskey

  • Counter Culture’s Big trouble

  • Topped with apricot liqueur and heavy whipping cream

  • A dusting of freeze dried raspberry

We took the spirt of the Irish coffee. It could be a midday pick me up. It could be a nightcap; still light and sessionable. Then translate that to a stereotypical cold coffee drink. We called it the “Lower Manhattan” with the idea of taking the Irish coffee template meets a low ABV Irish coffee Manhattan template.
— Adam Daniels

Irish Coffee Cocktail Recipe

  • Powers Whiskey

  • Cold brew of Counter Culture’s Big Trouble

  • Infusing Cynar

  • Meletti

  • Bonal

  • Madeeletti

  • Madeira

  • Coffee Spray

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