Cheese Sex Death at Longman and Eagle

Cheese first, whiskey second, then both.

Candlelight, and streetlights pouring through the windows created a noir setting at the Longman and Eagle’s Off Site Bar (or OSB). A whiskey barrel holding a horse skull sat in the middle of four wooden tables. Twenty ticketed guests filled the benches around the tables to enjoy the pairing of two great pleasures: cheese and whiskey.

Erika Kubick founder of Cheese Sex Death curated the event along with the knowledgeable staff of L&E. Kubick guided guests through a five course pairing of various cheeses and whiskeys stretching from the Bourbon Trail of Kentucky to the Speyside region of Scotland. The event began with a Coupole from Vermont Creamery. The soft, milky ball of goodness was coupled with George Dickle White #1. The un-aged corn whiskey expresses the natural essence of the spirit once it’s runoff the still. The sweetness of the corn along with the spiciness of the ethanol (unaffected from barrel-aging) highlighted the gentle, creaminess of the coupole. 


Next came a sip of Four Roses Bourbon joined by Harbison from Jasper Hill Farm. The detailed presentation of these two, made me realize that CSD and L&E developed a menu with the intricacy of a distillery building a mash bill of a whiskey. * The historic mash bill of Bourbon began in the 1600s with settlers like Captain George Thorpe, one of the first Americans believed to have distilled liquor from corn. Today, history combined with modern laws craft our Native Spirit. Beginning with (at least) 51% corn as the predominant grain. Then, flavor grains such as rye and barely are traditionally used to interact/counter corn’s sweet, buttery notes–bringing spicy, subtle smokey tones to the expression.  

Kubick and L&E presented three more pairings along with french fries and fresh bread to highlight the positive effect salty snacks have on whiskey and the selected cheeses. For the next hour and a half, guests experienced holy satisfaction with elegantly plated gourmet cheeses, fine whiskeys and a side of Old Milwaukee.


* Sources:

Bourbon Empire: The Past and Future of America's Whiskey by Reid Mitenbuler

jake hukee