My Grandma Betty

This is the first Christmas my mother and her siblings will spend without their mother. My Grandma Betty was the kindest, most warming person I've ever met in my entire life. She was the angel atop of all our Christmas trees. On the morning after Santa has left his tracks on our roofs and sampled our pastry gifts for him, my grandma is remembered and missed by her entire family. Late this summer, on the day of her wake, I wrote my last letter to her (passage below), and later that evening, my uncles, my cousins and I shared this bottle of Woodford Reserve Toasted Oak Rye. I'd been saving this bottle for a special occasion for more than a year. There was no better time to raise a glass of fine Kentucky rye as we filled our hearts reminiscing about the moments that she shaped us into the men we are today. Merry Christmas, Grandma.


In the old time saloon, bitterness towards bosses, distrust in the government, flawed relationships and righteous heroism were all weeping emotions wailed to the roofs by all male choruses. The debauchery of the barroom kept their collective desolation alive through the subjects of their songs, but there was only one harmonious subject that brought order to the chaotic realm: Mother. Mother helped "men" through their woes... like after using the filthy barroom floor as a cot once the devil enticed him with his defenseless sip. In the tune "Mother" the way of past sang, "A boy's best friend is his mother." In the minds of the drunkard, his mother would always stand by him and his unscrupulous flaws. Through history, mother–women–have been the ignored heroes. Women are the true monolithic figures in defending rights and freedoms of the voiceless, coordinating aid for millions during world wars and, yes, being THE loving shoulder that we all need. Earlier this week my mother sad I love you for the last time to her mother. My grandmother was the most selfless person I've ever known. She dedicated her life to family and faith. Through her faith, she constantly devoted her time to community service. Her mission in life was make anyone around her happy... and full (she was an excellent cook and started making flapjacks at 5am). An excellent person, wife and mother, deserves to be honored with a fine whiskey. Cheers to you, Betty.

jake hukee