World Whisky Day

The Purpose of The Road and Whiskey Collide to Unite Love and Family


Through my twenties I travelled across the country for my job. I took every opportunity to stay on the road; no one, nor one thing held me back from avoiding the mundane interactions of life. Ironically, though, I was barely experiencing life, because I was spending it alone. I idolized the Alexander Supertramps and Steinbecks of the world. I compared my travels to their adventures. Ultimately, I never felt I was accomplishing enough or experiencing the world from the way my heroes did. By foolishly comparing my life to theirs, I didn’t learn that my adventures/my travels were my unique captions, never to be equated with anyone else’s. These unrealistic comparisons transformed into a thirst to live, unaccompanied and unshackled from traditional living. I traveled to other cities, states and countries to search but immaturely without a focus. A life of unpredictability was easy to achieve but life felt empty during the solace moments of the day when the wind was my only listener. I eventually learned, not as drastically but definitely as emotionally drained, from Chris McCandless that life is meant to be shared with the people we love. 


Now, in my thirties, I’m on the third day of a three week work trip, spanning across the world. My passion for whiskey has brought me to this personal accomplishment, along with my proprietor—Starward Distillery from Melbourne—investing in me as an employee and as a person. I’m excited as hell to travel across the world to visit the distillery and represent the brand in New York and LA. I now have a purpose for hitting the road, and someone waiting for me on my return flight home. I spent many years selfishly hiding from love, companionship and my family. The ironic consequence of revisiting the road—for an industry and a brand that I simultaneously love—developed swelling tears in my eyes as I hugged my fiancé goodbye the other morning. And my dog’s stare of confusion nearly broke my heart as I strolled out the door with my luggage. There’s now a duality with traveling: purpose of being on the road and having purpose back home. 

The future of whiskey, it’s rich history and the folklore its shares is why I’m passionate about the world of whiskey. Passion has transformed into an incredible opportunity, and as I’m finishing up this article in the back of a taxi with jet lag slapped across my puffy face, I miss my little family back home. My purpose back home is the future I most look forward to in life. My future wife and I were united by whiskey, and when we toast at our marriage it’ll be with a bottle from our Irish friends. Traveling the world for whiskey is a responsible decision for myself and my family. Cheers to you, water of life. You brought my life into perspective. 

jake hukee